Nesting: Fly South… And Not For Just The Winter

Marc Serrao shares investment opportunities in Puerto Vallarta BY BRIAN PADGETT Even though the difficult economic climate appears to have a monopoly on our current circumstances, there exists a not-so-far-away land where you can take advantage of the strength of the American dollar. Yes, you read that correctly. Strength! If this suggestion sounds frivolous, recall […]

Home Equity : Cross-Border Capital Flow

Financial markets…tanking. Real-estate market…tanked. What’s a home-buying trader to do? Flee to Mexico, where the beer is cold, the sand is white and the high-end homes actually maintain some of their value. By: Cristina Velocci November/December 2008 , Page 116 Thirteen years ago, Mexico’s economy was in a state of abject crisis: weak banking systems, […]