Nesting: Fly South… And Not For Just The Winter

Marc Serrao shares investment opportunities in Puerto Vallarta BY BRIAN PADGETT Even though the difficult economic climate appears to have a monopoly on our current circumstances, there exists a not-so-far-away land where you can take advantage of the strength of the American dollar. Yes, you read that correctly. Strength! If this suggestion sounds frivolous, recall […]

Home Equity : Cross-Border Capital Flow

Financial markets…tanking. Real-estate market…tanked. What’s a home-buying trader to do? Flee to Mexico, where the beer is cold, the sand is white and the high-end homes actually maintain some of their value. By: Cristina Velocci November/December 2008 , Page 116 Thirteen years ago, Mexico’s economy was in a state of abject crisis: weak banking systems, […]

Joe Investor, the Markets Are All Yours Now

By JASON ZWEIG The tables have turned. For the past couple of decades, the markets have been dominated by institutional investors who devoured bargains so fast and in such bulk that individual investors were usually left, at best, with a few scraps. But pension funds, hedge funds, mutual funds and other institutions are under siege […]

Mexico is the Best Place in the World to Retire, Says International Living

BALTIMORE, Sept 10, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Walt and Jean Smith start their mornings with coffee on the terrace. Sometimes they spy a school of playful dolphins jumping the waves. Usually, though, they watch the town awaken. Women pull tarps off small beach shacks where they’ll soon start grilling the ‘catch of the day.’ […]

Mexico Ranked First as Retirement Mecca

The Edmonton Journal Mexico is home to close to 700,000 U.S. and Canadian citizens who exchanged urban busyness, frigid temperatures and higher living costs for a more relaxed, warmer and inexpensive lifestyle.   Mexico was named the world’s top retirement destination in an annual look at global retirement trends in International Living Magazine. The magazine […]

Private Tourist Investment Totals $2.803 billion USD during First Four Months of Year

From January to April, tourist investments in Mexico have totaled $2.803 billion USD, accounting for 84% of the total annual goal in this area. The SECTUR director noted that during the past 16 months of President Felipe Calderón’s administration, Mexico has accumulated $6.267 billion USD, as a result of which it has achieved 31% of […]

Reimbursement of IVA at Airport is Up and Running

6/4/2008.-As of last Monday, the International Airport of Puerto Vallarta Gustavo Díaz Ordaz has a booth which is reimbursing the Value Added Tax (VAT) to foreign tourists that have made purchases in the country.   The booth is owned by the Mexican company Yvesam Retornos Mundiales S.A de C.V, who obtained a ten year concession […]

Many Latin economies poised to survive slump

From the 30 May 2008 Miami Herald, BY FEDERICA NARANCIO McClatchy Newspapers WASHINGTON — When the U. S. economy sneezes, Latin American economies catch colds, according to an old saying. Not this time — at least for now. The U.S. crisis triggered by subprime mortgages and rising energy costs will spare most economies in Latin […]