The Season for Shopping in Puerto Vallarta

As we head into the holiday and gift-giving time of year, you may be thinking about getting a jump start on your seasonal shopping. If you are living in Mexico, November provides the perfect opportunity during Buen Fin – Mexico’s version of Black Friday.

Buen Fin, which runs from November 15th to 18th, will see stores across Mexico and online retailers offering their best prices of the year on a variety of items. Buen Fin was started as a government initiative to help bolster the economy and shoppers turn out in droves to take advantage of discounted prices.

Department stores and shopping malls will have extended hours with virtually every store offering discounts over the long weekend. If you own a condo in the Puerto Vallarta Hotel Zone, you are within easy walking distant to La Isla Shopping Plaza, which will certainly be busy during Buen Fin. The Galerias Shopping Plaza is another major destination for Buen Fin, anchored by the Liverpool department store.

So, whether you are getting a head start on your holiday gift list or buying appliances, furniture or decor for your property in Puerto Vallarta, Buen Fin is good time to find great deals, both in stores and online.

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