Making Pan de Muerto

With Día de Muertos right around the corner on November 1st, you have likely seen Pan de Muerto in the local bakeries around your Puerto Vallarta condo or home. This delicious treat is a big part of traditional Day of the Dead celebrations in Puerto Vallarta and throughout Mexico and is only served at this time of year.

The round shape of the bread is meant to symbolize the body with cross shaped pieces baked across the top to represent bones and often a baked teardrop in the center to represent the memories of the living for those who have passed. Though it should be noted, that Dia de Muertos is a day of celebrating friends and family departed, not a day of sadness.

If you would like to try making this delicious sweet bread in the kitchen of your Puerto Vallarta property, here is one of our favorite recipes, courtesy of Mexico In My Kitchen:

There will be a multitude of celebrations happening for Day of the Dead in Puerto Vallarta and for those who have just recently moved to Mexico or are here thinking about buying a property in Puerto Vallarta, we highly suggest visiting the Malecon on November 1st and 2nd to see and participate in this amazing and iconic part of Mexican culture.

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