Staging Tips for Selling Your Home

It’s not a real estate secret that staging your home can help facilitate a quick sale at an excellent price for your Puerto Vallarta condo or home. We talked to one of Puerto Vallarta’s leading interior designers, Mike Hickman of Casa Vallarta Interior Design, who has created display suites for many of the most exclusive condo developments in Puerto Vallarta, for his tips on staging your home.

  • Cut the clutter – You want potential buyers to be able to actually see your home and imagine themselves living there. You don’t want their focus to be caught up on your knickknacks.
  • Light it up – Nobody wants to live in a dark space, so make your home bright and welcoming. The rule of thumb is 100 watts for each 50 square feet of space.
  • Odd Company – Accessories make a room look more inviting. Group them in odd numbers, particularly in groups of 3.
  • Make it Inviting – Freshen up a bedroom by adding new linens or add new throw pillows to a living room couch to make them look comfortable and current.
  • A Touch of Modern – Outdated kitchen? You will be amazed that the difference that changing the hardware on your drawers and cabinets will make.
  • Clean and Fresh – Make sure your home is spotless to create a great impression, with no overwhelming perfumes or odors. And fresh flowers are always a beautiful touch to any room.

Talk to our Puerto Vallarta real estate agents for more tips on what you can do to help sell your home. Our agents are dedicated to helping you get top dollar for your Puerto Vallarta home while making the selling process as easy as possible.

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