From Cruise Ships to Casas: Tourists Jump Ship to Put Down Roots

Just like in the movies it’s a Mexican love story that begins on a boat.  And the story goes something like this:

“I fell in love with Puerto Vallarta during  a 24-hour visit on a cruise ship. I  came back a year later for week-long vacation, then I eventually bought a condo. I was smitten the first time I stepped off that boat”

You could say it’s a prolonged engagement, from cruise ship to casa. And based on current stats, this love affair will repeat itself as tourists discover the splendor, beauty and vitality of Puerto Vallarta.

And for those coming to port this year, the timing is perfect. Condo inventory is at an all-time high and prices are more affordable than ever.

The Cruise Ship Economy: Passengers, Boats and Spending is Climbing

Every cruise ship that enters Vallarta brings, on average, 2,000-plus passengers, representing almost $1MIL USD to the local economy with an average daily spend of $75- $100 USD for each passenger.

When you consider the 147 cruise ships scheduled in 2017 – with passengers set to discover Banderas Bay for the first time –  you’ll understand why ship traffic is a top priority for Mexico’s National Infrastructure Program.

They’re aiming to invest $54MIL USD  to construct an additional terminal to allow four cruise ships to port at anytime, and in doing so, hope to convert 24-hour visits into 20-plus year engagements with property investments.

Be Warned: You Too May Fall in Love with Vallarta

The expat community is growing year over year in Puerto Vallarta, due in part to the retirement boom in Canada and the U.S., positive press coverage,  overall affordability, safety and medical services.

If you happen be one of the few who’ve never set foot here  –  whether by coach, air or cruiseship – be warned, a love affair may emerge the minute you touch down,  just like thousands of others arrivals who came before you.