Romance and Desire: The Villas and Haciendas of Puerto Vallarta

George Clooney has one. And Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Lopez and Sir Richard Branson. Even Howard Hughes had one. What is it about villas and haciendas that make them the desire of virtually every A-Lister?

A few reasons, chief of which is comfort and privacy. Oh, and these folks can afford the very best. But it’s also the exclusivity, the craftsmanship and materials – not to mention the mystique and magic beyond the iron gates.

And right here in Puerto Vallarta you’ll find some of the finest haciendas and villas at a fraction of the cost of those in Italy’s Lake Como.

Cupulas, Vaulted Brick Bovedas Ceilings & Spanish Alhambra Tiles: the Hallmark of Haciendas and Villas

Every Mexican hacienda or villa is filled with architectural treasures one can simply not find in any other type of home.  

While the condo boom in Zona Romantic feeds an insatiable desire for “new”, many buyers want more Mexico in their homes including the craftsmanship, flora, and style – and that’s what you get in a hacienda.  Merely uttering copper and crystal chandeliers, carved cantera columns and balustrades fills one with desire.

Condos Come with Convenience: Villas and Haciendas Come with a Story

Most everyone is familiar with the tale of Richard and Elizabeth Taylor and the narrative surrounding Casa Kimberley, now reborn as a boutique hotel and restaurant. It’s a story retold through time and it will endure. It put Puerto Vallarta on the map.

And Puerto Vallarta is teeming with many storied properties, some of which are right downtown and yet a world apart. From Punta Mita to Boca de Tomatlan, there are stunning properties for sale, whether remodelled with a contemporary twist, with development potential, or located in the heart of the city.

Mexico’s Soul Lives Inside a Hacienda – And the Benefits are Many

These fine properties were built for socialites, collective spirits, those who want to mix and mingle and enjoy life among family and friends, all while enjoying a deep sense of privacy. You can bring the best of Mexico inside your private, coveted space.

Villas are also great business investments, ideal to convert or use as:

  • Corporate getaways
  • Yoga retreats
  • Bed & Breakfasts
  • Family reunion escapes
  • Development purposes

We invite you to explore some of Puerto Vallarta’s haciendas and villas, and dream big just as the the original owners did, among them the romantics, the eccentrics, the visionaries and the artists.  

Oh, and remember the stories, just like George’s, Gwyneth’s, or even Richard and Elizabeth’s. Perhaps your new villa or hacienda will begin writing a chapter all about you, your desires, and your connection to Mexico’s soul.