Are You Paying Your Staff Properly?

With May 1st, a federal bank holiday marking Labor Day, right around the corner, it is an appropriate time to post a quick reminder about Mexico employment standards and regulations regarding domestic staff you may have working in and around your home.

  • Employees are entitled to one full day off per week, which usually falls on a Sunday.
  • Employees are also entitled to time off for all Mexican statutory holidays. Should an employee be required to work on a federal holiday, they must be paid at 3x their normal daily wage.
  • Employees are entitled to 6 days paid vacation days per year.
  • Employees must receive a Christmas bonus each year that is equal to two weeks of salary. This bonus must be paid no later than December 15th.

Other things that many living in Puerto Vallarta who have a maid or gardener working for them will provide are:

  • Regular cost of living wage increases
  • Providing meals during working hours (for example, inviting your housekeeper to help herself to whatever is in the refrigerator).
  • Birthdays off with pay.
  • Assisting with transportation costs (bus fare or taxi).

The affordability of hiring people to help in your Puerto Vallarta home or condo is just one of the many reasons why living in Mexico is so appealing.

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