Easter Holidays in Puerto Vallarta

Semana Santa, or the Holy Week, is one of the busiest and most exciting times of the year in Puerto Vallarta. Combing both the Easter religious holiday and Spring Break for Mexican students, Puerto Vallarta is a popular destination for Mexican nationals to celebrate with a beach vacation and some family time in our beautiful region.

This year, Semana Santa falls earlier in April than usual, with the religious holidays beginning April 9th and culminating with Good Friday on April 14th, Holy Saturday on April 15th and Easter Sunday on April 16th. Children will be out of school from April 8th until the 24th, making the Easter holiday in Mexico longer than the usual school Spring Break in the rest of North America.

Many foreigners are surprised to learn that it is not Christmas, but Easter, that is the most significant religious holiday for those of the Catholic faith in Mexico (approximately 83% of the population). Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday, special masses are held to mark the last days of Jesus Christ and families mark these days with dinners, events and prayers during this time.

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